Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The past two weeks have been extremely rough for Mikey, Lynne, and me. His stomach and potty issues have reverted back to as bad as they were in October/November (I'll write about that another time). We just had to take him for an abdominal x-ray this morning. He has been in pain and we have been frustrated by not knowing what else to do for him other than the same things that haven't really worked.

Taking him to the potty every 10 minutes and then trying to clean him has taken up most of our days and we're all exhausted. But this morning, among all of the tears and exhaustion, Mikey made me laugh as he always seems to be able to do.

We were attempting to give him another enema (never a fun time for any of us) and he was saying his usual, "No fanks!" We were trying to reason with him and all of a sudden he looks at the enema and says, "I want...THROW IT AWAYYYYY!!!" I just burst out laughing. With my frame of mind, being tired, and the tone of voice Mikey used it was just the funniest freakin' thing I've heard in weeks. Thanks, buddy! :-)